About K SUN

About K SUN
K-SUN Sanat Iranian Co. is a company with variety of services in different fields of ICT. It initiated into the business in 2006, with the mission of fulfillment the requirements of Iranian people and the neighbor countries. It started the business with production and distribution of Computer Chassis and power supply unit under the brand of SADATA, then expanded the business by adding several categories such as Mouse, Keyboard, Speaker, Headset, Cable, Gamepads, etc. After years of successful experience & obtaining a proper place in the market and trustworthy market share, K-SUN began negotiations with well-known companies to add some other successful brands in its basket.

Afterwards, K-SUN stepped into the world of new technologies, such as 3D printers and Scanners. Its research and development department heavily invested both financial and human resources on 3D technology, producing and prototyping 3D products. then, K-SUN explored and nominated strong companies in the field of 3D printing and technology to sign an agency contract with.

K-SUN established “F1 Call Center” in 2013, in order to help people solve their computer related problems by making a phone call. Also, K-SUN became one of the valid contractors of Telecommunication organization, in the field of fiber-optic communication network implementation.

Now, K-SUN is 100% manufacturing SADATA chassis, PSU, mouse and keyboard with an experienced team of 150 employees, and presenting products and services from famous brands, as you can find below:

Agent of sales and after sales services from "LG Electronics" for computer related products, "Thermaltake" for computer peripherals and cooling systems, "CREATIVE" Company for Audio equipment, "Luxa2" for mobile phone accessories, and "Wanhao", "Miicraft", "MakerBot", "3Dsystems" Companies for 3D printers, scanners and materials in Iran.